It began with an Impossibility
To make the most pure and finest quality yarn worn by man. But after hundred of years of perseverance, five Nottinghamshire business man had perfected it. Using a unique blend of merino wool and long staple cotton, they introduced to the world a revolutionary fabric that rapidly became coveted for its quality, naturalness and craftsmanship. Now two centuries later, every suit made of this cloth carries their Mantra.
True style is absolute. Welcome to Viyella.

Viyella since 1784
Viyella is a licensed brand from Viyella UK by House of Monatic in Cape Town. We design and produce elegant clothing which we distribute across Africa to independent store owners and department stores.

“The quality in the fabric used and how it just feels great and doesn’t wear and tear like other clothes store brands”

“I love love love their styles. Great quality, fabrics and brand”

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